Tarkio River Lodge

Tarkio River Lodge is more than just a place; it is a state of mind. The property sits commandingly above the Clark Fork of the Columbia River. It provides both a sense of peace and humility in the face of this great river.

For Weddings and other functions Tarkio is unique in that you get the entire place for 4 days. With accommodations for 25+/- (and boundless camping)  This picturesque river front paradise enables both families and friends to spend all of these important moments together while holding all the wedding events at the same location.

Tarkio is the result of shared dreams. Born from our beloved Brennan’s  vision, Dr David Guth (aka Doctah Dave) and Pamela have seen it to fruition . It was designed to be a place for community to share in the wonders of nature and connect with a river, and each other. We also hope to share this wonderful place with generations to come. Soak up the natural beauty, the mile or riverfront, the beach, and cliff lined canyon.

You will notice a special feeling here. It is peaceful and spiritual. Make yourself at home and embrace the power of we lovingly know as “the center of the universe”


Available for:

  1. -Weddings

- Family reunions

- corporate retreats


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